We make sure the equipment we use and our understanding of what you want is second to none. Whatever you need, we assure the highest quality possible. You deserve no less.


Not only do you need the highest quality possible, but you need it done at a time you specify. No matter what the item or quantity, we promise ample and quick delivery. Our word is our bond.

Customer Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our aim, whether it's a simple custom part for your Hot-Rod, or the latest industrial application. If you're not satisfied, we will not rest until you are.


About Us

From Raw to Reality

We take joy in machining and serving people. We love the feeling of taking raw materials, and transforming them into your passions - whether it be cars, motorcycles, or custom parts to drive your own mass-producing machinery. Find out how it all got started.



Behind Open Doors

Welcome to our shop! Allow us to give you a tour. Over here, you'll find our DoAll Machine. As the name implies, it allows us to fashion anything. But before we use any machine, we make sure to have the right blueprint...



It's Showtime!

See our work up close. Watch how we took a Chevy Classic and restored her like new, or how we designed custom parts for a Chevy Corpala that was featured in Hot Rod Magazine.



What We Do

With Quality and Precision, we can take your drawing on a napkin, and give you exactly what you had in mind. Find out what we do, from industrial appliances to custom car and airplane parts.